Covid -19 Tax Relief – Who Qualifies

To qualify for the COVID-19 Tax Relief for PAYE, employers, must:

  • Be either an:
    • Individual;
    • Partnership;
    • Trust; or
    • Company/Close Corporation/Shareblock/Co-operative that conducts trade.
  • Have a gross income of R100 million or less during the year of assessment ending on or after 1 April 2020, but before 1 April 2021; AND
    • That gross income must not include more than 20% in aggregate of interest, local & foreign dividends, royalties, rental form letting of fixed property and any remuneration received from an employer;
      • If the rental of fixed property is the primary trading activity and the rental income is substantially the whole of the gross income (at least 90%), disregard this exclusion test; and
      • For purposes of a partnership, use the aggregate partner’s gross income from the partnership; or
    • Is a qualifying micro business who meet the requirements set out in the Sixth Schedule.
  • Be fully tax compliant, meaning:
    • Is registered for all required taxes;
    • Have no outstanding returns for any taxes registered for;
    • Have no outstanding debt for any taxes registered for;
    • Be registered for PAYE as at 25 March 2020.
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