Why are Employment Contracts so important?

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Why are Employment Contracts so important?

Many South African employers do not provide their employees with employment contracts. It may be due to ignorance of the consequences thereof, or perhaps the perception that it may be a useless exercise. However, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (section 29) clearly requires each employer to provide employees with a written contract of employment not later that the first day of commencement of employment. 

The advantages of having employment contracts in place far out way any perceived pitfalls. This contract regulates terms and conditions of employment, labour legislation, benefits, compensation and much more. It also regulates the behaviour of employees which becomes imperative in any further grievance or queries.

If there is no contract, or if the employee has never been informed, then the employee has the right to conclude that it does not exist which has huge risk for any employer. Let us assist you in mitigating these risks by creating up-to-date modern employment contracts that suit your industry and business.

Our services include:

  • Workforce Strategizing
  • Talent Sourcing and Selection tools
  • Cloud based Performance Management
  • Agile Talent Management
  • Modern Human Resource policies and procedures
  • Future-fit People Mapping
  • Remuneration advisory
  • Labour Relations
  • HR Outsourced function
  • BBBEE and Employment Equity
  • Skills development plans, workplace skills plan and SETA submissions
  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions

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