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Skills development is becoming critical for survival in a rapidly changing business environment.

Organisations need to search for the best possible training solutions to invest in their staff’s career paths when implementing their annual skills development plans. Keeping up to speed with industry trends and staying relevant is therefore pivotal when bridging gaps between organisations’ present realities, their skills development needs and employees’ career aspirations. Skills development is very important in South Africa, especially from a longer-term perspective.

More often than not, however, organisations’ skills development needs focus on immediate needs with little consideration for change, organisational development or future anticipated skills shortages. As such, the significance and value of skills planning and development are not always fully understood and results in skills planning and development processes that can neither fully enjoy support from management and/or employees, nor are they very representative or engaging.

All companies with an annual payroll of R500 000 and above must submit their Workplace Skills Plan (WSP), Annual Training Report (ATR) and Pivotal Report (PVT) to the relevant SETA for approval before 30th April every year.

Companies can then claim the cost of training, facilitators, training venue costs, course fees and course material. We specialised in Performance Management and proactively helping you to manage and implement your organisation’s WSP and SETA submissions.

Our services include:

• Outsourcing of your complete HR function
• Policies and Procedures
• Recruitment and on-boarding
– Recruitment
– Selection
– On-boarding administration
– On-boarding training and motivation
– Employment contracts
– Assessment Centres
– Psychometric Assessment Solutions
• Organisational design
– Organisational structure
– Job analysis
– Job grading
– Job descriptions
– Salary benchmarking
• Human resource management and outsourcing
– Payroll
– Time and attendance
– Operating procedures
– BBBEE / Equity
– Labour relations
– Operational health and safety
• Training and development
– Skills audits
– Workplace skills plans and SETA submissions
– Mentoring
– Training and development
– Internship programmes
• Performance management
• Reward & Recognition
• Organisational restructuring

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