XERO cloud accounting software

Tailoring XERO accounting software to your needs.

BVSA are a dynamic accountancy firm that use cloud-based software such as Xero, tailoring the software and its partner apps according to client’s needs.

Xero software means real time collaboration, always up to date software and managed backups.

With Xero software we make your business more efficient, giving you more time to spend on important things.

BVSA is a XERO Platinum Partner

Xero hassle – lots of benefits

  • Require no installations.
  • Beautiful, easy to use accounting software.
  • Log in anytime from anywhere and collaborate your information with your accountant.
  • Clients will receive invoice reminders.
  • Bank feeds will automatically import bank transactions from your bank, upon providing necessary internet login credentials.

Implement and manage the best online accounting solution for your business today

Contact BVSA if you want to move to Xero accounting to simplify your business administration process. Xero’s online accounting software is designed to make accounting easier and faster, giving our clients information to help them make effective business decisions in real time.

For more information visit: www.xero.com

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