5 Tips to consider when filing your tax

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The 2022 tax filing season opened on 1 July. Here are some tips to make tax season easier for you:

1. Make sure that you utilize all tax benefits. If you contributed to a medical aid or retirement fund or made donations to a Public Benefit Organization, make sure this is declared on your SARS return.

2. Always check that the bank details on your SARS return is 100% accurate. If you’re eligible for a refund, wrong bank details will delay your refund.

3. Always be prepared for a SARS audit. Obtain all necessary tax certificates before filing your return.

4. Make use of the tax calculator before filing your return. This will give you an estimate of the tax due or payable before submitting the data to SARS.

5. When in doubt, make use of an accountant or tax consultant’s advice.

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